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Baxter Flo-Gard 6201

Baxter Flo-Gard 6201- Refurbished Medical Equipment

With a decade’s experience and exceptional customer care, MonetMedical has earned a name in Baxter Flo-Gard 6201. distribution in the US used medical equipment. Whether you are a medical professional, a healthcare clinic, or an insurance carrier, the MonetMedical team will provide you with a complete range of Baxter healthcare products, and other high quality medical equipment and supplies. We are unique in offering lowest prices for our refurbished product range as we have direct business relationship with most manufacturers. Contact Us now and let us know your hospital equipment needs.

Baxter Flo-Gard 6201: All You Wanted to Know

The Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 Volumetric Infusion Pump can deliver a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of infusion rates. Its characteristic features are outlined below:

  • Uses only standard Baxter solution administration sets.
  • Configurable settings allow the pump to be custom tailored to best suit the hospital's needs.
  • Computer control capability allows remote control or monitoring of the Baxter infusion pump via a standard RS232-C interface.
  • Pumps a wide variety of fluids, including blood and fat emulsions.
  • Suitable for use in epidural administration.
  • Safety clamp automatically occludes the tubing when the pump door is opened.
  • Occlusion sensors detect both upstream and downstream restrictions. Sensitivity of the downstream occlusion sensor is selectable through the pump's configuration.
  • Flow check display shows resistance to flow.
  • Ultrasonic air-in-line detector. Sensitivity of the air detector is selectable through the pump's configuration.
  • The Programmed Delivery Profile (PDP) enables manual programming or ramped calculation of up to 10 sequential infusion programs for situations where multiple flow rates are indicated.
  • Slide clamp loading option provides flow shutoff when I.V. set is removed from the pump.
  • Locking control panel helps prevent patient tampering. 1Rev.B
  • An independent secondary medication program. The pump automatically switches over to the primary program upon completion.
  • Volume-Time programming automatically calculates flow rate.
  • Automatic self-test routine checks for proper function before use.
  • Five-hour memory retains infusion data after power-off.
  • Easily replaceable fuse, battery, and power cord.
MonetMedical’s Commitment to Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 Customers
  • Vast Selection at a Single Online Location - We have complete stock of Baxter IV pumps. We also deal in branded medical products like Gomco, Baxter, Covidien, Hospira, I.V. League Medical, Mac, Moog, and Oakworks
  • Incomparable Client Service - Our sincere customer care executives go out of the way to assist you, Monday through Friday.
  • Quick Shipping, Door-step Delivery - All your used medical equipment orders are shipped overnight enabling you to track your package online.
  • Ultimate Privacy - We do not share the details and credit card information you provide with anyone.
  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction - We make sincere efforts to keep our customers satisfied.

At Monet Medical, Inc., we not only consider product selection, but also keep in view responsive customer service, express delivery, and affordable equipment prices. Please Contact Us to have any questions that you might have answered or to place an order.

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