Infusion Syringe Pumps

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Infusion Syringe Pumps

Programmable infusion syringe pumps

Infusion syringe pumps provide a solution to your sophisticated dispensing and flow control medical applications. We sell customizable and fully programmable syringe pumps. The primary benefit of programmable syringe pumps is that they can be easily reconfigured as your liquid handling needs change. Our well trained biomedical and reconditioning staff is uniquely positioned to maintain and repair your infusion pump and related therapy devices.

What Makes MonetMedical Infusion Syringe Pumps Different?

With over ten years' experience, MonetMedical is an established industry leader in the medical equipment refurbishing. Through our customer service, we have won acclaim as the Preferred Vendor with many of our Nation’s Top Healthcare Systems. We stand apart from our competitors in several key areas:

  • Custom Designed Specialty Syringe Pumps: We offer customization of syringe infusion pumps as our clients need. When our customers communicate their needs to us, we work with manufacturers to procure or produce the needed equipment, for example, a gradient upgrade of the regular infusion syringe pump. Consequently, we have for you an array of multiple syringe pumps. Our custom design services enable you to have exactly the pump you need.

  • Versatile Syringe Infusion Pumps: The best feature of our infusion syringe pumps is that any two of the Pumps can communicate to the other. The major application of these pumps is for automation, so compatibility between them is of paramount importance. The bi-directional interface allows for communication between any two pumps. The smart and economical dual continuous pump allows two syringe infusion pumps to communicate with one another using a cable. The communications feature further allows the pump flow to be continuous, emulsify, or disconnect the cable and work independently at any given time. With this system, switching the pumps from one function to the other becomes simple. Moreover, we can offer you this at the most competitive price.

  • 24X7 Client Support: We entertain interaction with our infusion syringe pump customers to understand their needs, hear about their applications, and offer built-to-order pumps. To assist our clients, we go to the extent of providing free telephonic consultation. Our customer support system is doubtlessly unparalleled.

The MonetMedical infusion syringe pumps include all the advanced features of a high end multiple syringe pump, be it infusion, withdrawal, programmability, or computer compatibility, at a price you can easily afford. We also supply Abbot infusion pumps, Baxter Healthcare products, Alaris 7130, used IV pumps, Baxter flo-gard 6301, and Baxter flo-gard 6201. We are prompt in replying to our valued customers' queries and typically fax the formal proposals within 24 hours of the receipt of their request.

Contact Us to let us know your used medical equipment needs or ask any number of questions you may have about infusion syringe pumps. We will take pride in assisting you.

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