Alaris Medley 8210 Nellcor SP02 Module

  • Completely Reconditioned with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Part of Alaris Medley Point of Care System
  • Guardrails® Drug Library Compatible
  • Uses Nellcor Oximax technology to offer real time respiratory status
  • Dimensions: 3.3″ W x 8.9″ H x 5.5″ D
  • The SatSeconds™ Feature is an alarm management tool that allows you to configure the time that the %SpO2 level may fall outside the alarm limit before an audible alarm sounds. This feature was designed by Nellcor to reduce nuisance alarms
  • Supports current ASA and APSF standards mandating monitoring of oxygenation for all appropriate patients


The Alaris Medley 8210 SpO2 Module is a pulse oximeter used for continuous, noninvasive monitoring of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate.  The Alaris Medley 8210 module comes with Nellcor® OxiMax™technology and uses the Nellcor’s OxiMax™ series sensors.  The Alaris®SpO2 module provides continuous, non-invasive monitoring of blood oxygen levels and pulse rates in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.With a common user interface that reduces training time and programming complexity for your clinicians and biomed technicians, the Alaris SpO2 module provides a vital infusion safeguard with the Guardrails® Suite MX software.


The Alaris Medley Point of Care System with Guardrails Suite MX software is a Modular smart IV medication safety system that can help protect every infusion to guard you and your patients from medication errors. The Alaris Medley Point of Care System combines a single point-of-care unit featuring Guardrails Suite MX safety software with IV / LVP, PCA Syringe, Syringe, respiratory monitoring (SpO2 and EtCO2), and barcoding capabilities.


The Medley SpO2 Module is indicated for continuous, noninvasive monitoring of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate measured by an SpO2 sensor. The SpO2 Module and accessories are indicated for use with adult, pediatric and neonatal patients during both no motion and motion conditions, and for patients who are well or poorly perfused in hospitals and hospital-type facilities. Only 1 SpO2 Module can be connected to a Medley™ Point-of-Care Unit.


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