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Used IV Pumps - Slash Costs with Quality Reconditioned Equipment

Used IV Pumps: Certified refurbished IV Pumps

Utah based MonetMedical sources, reconditions biomedically and cosmetically, and resells a wide range of used IV pumps. In addition, we also supply anesthesia/vent units, patient monitors/defibrillators and a host of other certified, warrantied capital equipment for hospitals and medical care centers. We typically fax formal proposals within 1 business day of receiving a verbal or written request for a proposal. We offer our customers access to one of the largest stock of used IV pumps by Baxter and other manufacturers. Check our products to find an extensive collection of high-quality used and refurbished medical equipment at excellent prices.

More about IV pumps

IV pumps are medical devices used to deliver intravenous fluids and medicines to patients in hospitals, ambulances, clinics, ambulances, and other healthcare environments using a catheter. IV pumps have a wide usage throughout hospitals, including emergency rooms, intensive care units, surgery suites, and pediatric units. They are also used in home healthcare environments by personal users. These can be used to deliver not just antibiotics but pain medicines and nutrients also.

Some Handy IV Infusion Pump Usage Tips

Whether you are healthcare practitioner or some patient personally requiring the use of an IV pump, the following tips will be much useful to you:

  • Read the Instructions: As soon as you purchase your IV pump, the first thing you should do is to read the instructions in the manual.
  • Know when to use: After a careful reading of the instructions, be sure to understand when to use it. Additionally, you should become familiar with the display screen and its messages, codes, and alarms.
  • Hands-on instruction: If you receive healthcare at home, it would be beneficial to have your healthcare provider to give you hands-on instruction on the method to operate it.
  • Call your home healthcare provider: If you have any questions or your problems persist even after 1-3 above, don’t hesitate to call your home healthcare provider for the needful assistance.
  • Maintenance points to be aware of: Once you have your baxter iv pumps working and are familiar with its operation, you should keep in view a few important maintenance points. You should keep your cell phones, wireless hand-held devices, and other digital equipments emitting electric and magnetic interference at a safe distance from the pump as they may affect it.
  • Wash and dry hands: Before you touch the pump, you need to thoroughly wash and dry your hands.

At MonetMedical, we have our used and refurbished medical equipment listed there along with photos, descriptions, and prices. Apart from this, we also subject our products to pass rigorous safety tests and inspections before offering them for sale or rental. All our IV Infusion Pumps and other used medical equipment thus help in deriving maximum client satisfaction.

If you're looking for an IV Infusion Pump, feel free to Contact Us Our friendly customer service executives will stand by to assist you with your used medical equipment needs.

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