Routine Maintenance to Reduce Failures and Prolong the Life of your Equipment

Functional medical equipment is a primary focus in any patient care setting. With proper care and maintenance, your Infusion pumps and other electronic equipment can provide years of dependable service. Here are some helpful tips that will assist you in maintaining your equipment for optimal performance:


Keep your Devices Plugged in


Maintaining a full charge on all equipment will ensure full and complete use of the batteries. It will prevent multiple discharges and deteriorating or damaging the battery prematurely.


Replace the Batteries Frequently


Ensure that batteries are replaced when necessary, or according to OEM standards. Defective and damaged batteries are one of the leading causes for equipment functioning improperly or failing, and is also one of the leading causes of alarms and errors in a clinical setting.


Address any Alarms Promptly


Addressing device warnings and alarms immediately will help to keep your equipment in good working condition.


One example of this is any device with batteries. If the caregivers are experiencing multiple alarms for battery-related issues, it may indicate a problem – a battery that is going bad, a malfunctioning AC adaptor or charger, or even a Power Supply board issue. Paying attention to these issues quickly may help to prevent a small problem from becoming a larger, more expensive problem down the road.


A partner like Monet Medical can help you with quick turnaround times on repairs, as well as potentially providing loaner units, or other solutions that help keep your equipment running properly.


Update Your Device Software, and manage OEM updates


A partner like Monet Medical can help keep your staff up to date on software revisions and releases. Monet Medical can also help you manage OEM recall notices, Safety Bulletins, and Service Advisories on your equipment, each traced to each device by individual Serial Number.


Periodically Recondition your Devices to protect internals and keep them looking new


Reconditioning electronic devices can extend their useful lives by years. By replacing exterior parts, seals, etc, not only protects against fluid invasion and dust but will keep your devices operating at peak performance. Monet Medical reconditions just about every type of Moveable Medical Equipment – from IV pumps to Patient Monitors, to beds, cribs, and stretchers.


Repair or Replace Broken Devices