Preventative Maintenance – Patient Transport Equipment

There is nothing that gets used more in emergency facilities than patient transport equipment—ambulance and emergency cots, stretchers, gurneys, and stair chairs. Just as you depend on your own personal vehicle to always be in a ready state, you must also be able to depend on your patient transport devices.
To ensure the constant readiness of patient transport equipment, it should be subject to routine inspection and have proper maintenance performed. This will prolong each products’ life and may help reduce the cost of needed repairs down the line. Most importantly, it will protect both you and your patients from injury and ensure that they receive the highest quality of care possible.

Safety Concerns
Equipment that isn’t properly maintained will not perform at its best. In addition to being an inconvenience, damaged or improperly maintained equipment could cause injury and become a potential source of liability. A poorly maintained ambulance cot or stretcher, for instance, may be at risk of unanticipated mishaps, such as sudden height drops, failure to lock, and / or tipping. These events can happen even to experienced providers who are performing well-practiced stretcher or cot-handling maneuvers.

Original Replacement Parts and Service
Original replacement parts can often be obtained from manufacturers or their authorized distributors like Monet Medical.  Give us a call or email and see what we can do.

Monet Medical technicians have received Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) training which allows our personnel to work on their respective equipment.