Our Biomedical / Reconditioning Process

You have questions – we have answers. Centurion Direct doesn’t sell  “Used Medical Equipment” – We clean, disinfect, test, repair, replace, repaint, and re-certify each product – BEFORE we put our 1 year Warranty on it.


We thoroughly test and inspect each product to OEM Specifications

Cleaning, Disassembly, and Repair

We disassemble each product, thoroughly clean and disinfect, and replace broken or worn parts


Professional Quality new paint applied, parts replaced, new seals, labels, handrail canes

Final Inspection and Warranty

Final inspection to OEM and our own Cosmetic Specifications plus 1 Year P&L warranty

Centurion Direct doesn’t sell “used equipment.” We know you expect more.


Our process for reconditioning equipment is more than just “plug it in, wipe it down, spray some paint on it, and ship it.” We fully recondition and warranty medical equipment to like new condition.


Our Factory-Trained and Certified Team inspects, tests, and services medical equipment to OEM Specifications. We professionally refinish our products in Industrial Paint booths using Automotive-Grade paints and spray guns for quality that you can see and feel.