Steris AMSCO 4085 O.R. Table

  • Completely reconditioned with 6 months Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Weight capacity:
    • 1100 lb. patient support, including raise/lower (centered on the column)
    • 1,000 lb. full table articulation (centered on the column)
    • 600 lb. full table articulation, including slide
  • Smooth finite headrest adjustment to provide the right access at the right time
  • Power panel with dual power modes (batteries or live current) allow for both convenience and continual power
  • Electro-hydraulic 4-section table top with powered radiolucent kidney elevator for smooth patient posturing
  • Includes a removable pendant hand control unit
  • Removable leg section
  • Includes a set of table top cushions / pads


The Steris / Amsco 4085 General Surgical Table’s design gives a surgical team the flexibility, control and convenience they need for today’s patients and procedures. The 4085 sets the standard in all-purpose, superior imaging tables. The 4085 general surgical table meets your needs with a versatile, high-productivity general surgical table specifically designed to provide outstanding value. Now you can get a table that offers excellent imaging and patient posturing capabilities all in one.


The 4085 general surgical table’s narrow column, radiolucent table top and superb slide provide one of the largest imaging footprints on the market today. That means outstanding access for the C-arm and surgical team…without time-consuming patient reorientation. The generous imaging area permits clear, high quality images crucial to today’s MIS, cardiothoracic, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures. The Amsco 4085 general surgical table is exceptionally intuitive, saving valuable minutes in the OR. Its four-section table top contours to all patient postures, while the powered slide improves C-arm access, and the leg section is easily removable for unrestricted perineal access. A powered, radiolucent kidney elevator enhances lateral procedures. Its generous weight limits allow for use with virtually all patients. Its light weight makes it easy to move, while its impact-resistant, cascading shrouds enable fast, easy cleaning.


The 4085 general surgical table’s intuitive hand control instantly telegraphs table positioning data to caregivers with an easy-to-read digital display…without lifting the sterile drape. For added safety, an auto limit sensor (ALS) eliminates unintended sectional collisions. The four-section table top is powered by smooth functioning hydraulics and was specially designed to allow clear access to the operative site, and to improve patient outcomes. Ergonomically designed, lightweight hand control features easy-to-read icons. The dual step “floor lock” and “unlock” function enhances patient safety by preventing the table from being inadvertently unlocked during a case. An indicator informs and prevents sectional conflict, displaying alternative table movements on the LCD readout. As you lower the foot section, for example, the auto limit sensor control stops the section before it collides with the table base, alerts you to the problem and suggests an alternative articulation, protecting your investment in the table. The display provides the user with an accurate and continuous table status. The LCD readout communicates valuable ALS information, floor lock status and kidney bridge elevation, thus eliminating the need to lift the sterile drape.


Ops Manual